PMA students are welcome to participate in the “PMA’s Got Talent!” Festival-Competition!!!

In the First Tour, students can perform the pieces that they prepared for the CM Test, competitions, or for the PMA Spring Studio Recitals.

First Round:

1. Any pieces from any periods are welcome. No time limit. All pieces must be memorized. Maximum of two pieces per performer.

2. A link to your pre-recorded performances, along with students’ registration information, will be submitted via the application on the website, at this link: PMA’s Got Talent

Be sure to upload your performance as an unlisted video to YouTube. The title of the video should be, in this order:
“Student’s First Name, Last Name. Piece Title, Composer’s First Name Initial, Last Name”
Example: “Jane Doe. Prelude in D Minor, BWV 926, J.S. Bach”

One piece per link. If a student performs two pieces, two links must be sent.

Strings and voice students can perform with accompaniment, a “minus one” recording, or solo if the piece is originally written for solo performance.

Entry fees:

Andante and Moderato categories: $30
Allegro and Crescendo categories: $40
Siblings discount is 10% off the second and subsequent entry fees.

Performance on a second instrument is complimentary.

See below for details on category information.

The entry period to fill out the application on the website is March 27 through April 30.

3. Students are divided into four categories, in accordance with the category they state in their application:

Andante: beginners (approximately 1-2 years of music education)
Moderato: continuing beginners (~3-4 yrs of music ed.)
Allegro: intermediate (~5-7 yrs of music ed.)
Crescendo: advanced (~more than 8 yrs. of music ed.)

Students can self-assign, depending on their comfort level.

We may opt to merge categories as we see fit.

4. An unlisted YouTube playlist will be created on the PMA YouTube page to feature the performances of all students.
Links to the playlists will be sent to you.
By the way, our unlisted 2020 Summer Studio Recital playlists are quite popular, and are continuing to be watched by you and your friends, with around 2,000 views.

5. Every performer in the First Round will receive judges’ comments and will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

6. Successful performances will be chosen to compete in the Final Round. Only one piece per performer can be chosen.

Final Round:

1. Only one piece per performer can be chosen. Students can send an improved performance of their piece upon being chosen for the Final Round.

2. An unlisted YouTube playlist will be created on the PMA YouTube page to feature the performance of the students chosen to compete in the Second Tour. No additional fees for students chosen to proceed to the Final Round.

3. First, second, and third places will be awarded in each category. An Audience Favorite award will be given to the performance which receives the most likes on YouTube. The cutoff date for likes is TBA. Each performer in the Final Round will receive a Certificate of Achievement.