Theory lessons are resuming on September 1.
The times for Theory classes will be the following:

Tuesday at 7:00 pm (intermediate/advanced)

Tuesday at 7:30 pm (beginner/intermediate)

Thursday at 7:30 pm (advanced)

Thursday at 7:00 pm (beginner/intermediate)

Sunday at 2:00 pm (beginner/intermediate)

Theory classes consist of:
-Music History
-Ear Training
-Preparation for Tests

To prevent crowding, (the number of students in each group is limited!), please fill out the Theory Form here:  CONTACT FORM

Theory Forms shall be submitted no later than August 24, so that PMA can form well-balanced groups.
Please prepare and bring your Theory books. If you don’t have any, let us know and we will provide you with some.

There will be three quarters: Sep-Nov, Dec-Feb, March-May

One lesson is $25 (available only as a pro-rated option for new students who begin in the middle of the month)
Monthly flat rate (4 lessons):                           $96 ($24 per lesson)
Quarterly Theory tuition (12 lessons):             $264 ($22 per lesson)
Yearly Theory tuition (36 lessons):                  $720 ($20 per lesson)

Second and additional siblings receive a 10% discount.

$25 registration fee for non-PMA students.

No make-up lessons are permitted for Theory classes, and there are no transitions for the next month.

PMA accepts credit card payments only. The card will be charged by PMA with the frequency you request in the Theory Form.

Once you fill out the Theory Form via the link provided above, we will contact you to transfer the credit card information.