PMA String Ensemble, under the guidance of PMA instructor Ms. Galina Andre!

Ms. Galina has extensive experience working with ensembles

Below is a note from Galina regarding her aspirations for the PMA String Ensemble:

"Hello, Dear Parents and Students!

This is Galina Andre, one of the violin teachers at PMA and a violin ensemble specialist. 

There are many ways to express and fulfill your musical life as a string player. One can be as a soloist and be alone on the stage. One can be part of a small group like a duet, trio, or quartet performing altogether at the same time. Another can be as a part of the big group like a symphony orchestra, where you are playing not only with the string instruments, but also with the brass and woodwind instruments. 
Violin/Viola ensemble is exactly in the middle. It is not a small group nor as big as the orchestra, and yet offers a similar experience but in different settings. There are different violin parts in each song: one of them is for beginners, so that they can join and be a part of the big group. From my experience this is the most stimulating and inspiring for children.

While your children are perfecting their violin skills with their private teachers, violin/viola ensemble gives them the opportunity to learn and play beautiful popular classical music - "The Golden Classics", together with Traditional American tunes, Patriotic songs, Movie Favorites and more. This is a real "Hands On" experience to see how to apply learned skills in an audience pleasing concert. After all, we are a "performance" oriented media.

I see the PMA violin/viola ensemble as an active performance unit. We are mobile and play beautiful music. We will perform in various concerts and Festivals, retirement communities and churches (which can be counted as community service hours for high school). 

I love what I do and my target is Carnegie Hall.

If all of the above sounds interesting to you, please, join the Violin/Viola PMA Ensemble class.

Galina Andre"

Here are some photos and video excerpts from a couple of venues showcasing Ms. Galina’s 2015 and 2016 Violin Festivals, in which her own students, as well as guest students, took part:

PMA String Ensemble excerpts

This is an incredible opportunity for our string students to acquire skills that are necessary for all musicians!

Why String Ensembles are Important:
Experience performing in a artistic group, with the same touch, rhythm, euphonious intonation
Practice performing in various genres (classical, jazz, country, pop, folk, international music, and more) and environments
Play solos with ensembles
Improve students’ individual performance abilities
Obtain performance experience at various venues and stages
Create beautiful music together through teamwork
Fun working with peers
These lifelong skills are crucial, as they give students the chance to perform with chamber and orchestra musicians, broadening their horizons and expanding their abilities.

Classes will be held on Sundays from 4:00-5:00 PM.

Non-PMA students pay a registration fee of $25.

Complimentary trial class provided!

Per class – $20 ; Monthly Flat Rate (4 or 5 lessons) – $72

The sign up form for the PMA String Ensemble click here:  CONTACT FORM