This program is specifically designed for children of ages 3–6.

"Allegro" :    3-4 yrs. of age

"Cantabile": 4-5 yrs. of age

"Forte":       5-6 yrs. of age

Classes are held on weekdays and weekends; each group meets once a week for 45 minutes.

Our Classes are based on the most efficient and helpful parts of successful methods, such as Udovich-Galpenina, Leonard, Alfred, Suzuki, Orff, Kodaly and others.

The foundation of these methods:

  1. Sing, play instruments, and dance from memory, a large number of traditional singing games, chants, and folk songs from different heritages, cultures, and countries.
  2. Perform, listen to, and analyze the great art music of the world.
  3. Achieve mastery of musical skills, such as musical reading and writing, singing and singing in parts.
  4. Improvise and compose, using their known musical vocabulary at each developmental level.
  • hear it first
  • then sing
  • then understand
  • then read and write
  • then create

Our combined methods are a way of teaching children about music that engages their mind and body through a mixture of singing, dancing, acting and the use of percussion instruments (i.e. xylophones, metallophones, tambourines). Improvisation, composition and a child's natural sense of play are encouraged.
"Allegro"; Based on Udovich-Galpenina and others

This groups focuses on our youngest students! It's a developing program, which touches lightly on music basics such as note-learning, development of early rhythm, some pitch evaluation, and introduction of percussion instruments. Attention is drawn to the development of coordination, rhythm, voice, and agility. Some vocal instruction, dynamics and note-reading will be involved as well. "Allegro" will teach students the associations between music and the life that surrounds them. Every activity will serve a dual purpose; to develop the mind and body of the student, and to ENTERTAIN!
  "Cantabile"; Based on "Little Mozarts" by Alfred and others

This group is fun and moves at a slower pace, which allows the gradual assimilation of material by younger students. It develops general musical skills in singing, listening, and piano playing. Students learn the main components of music such as rhythm, dynamics, music vocabulary, note reading, and understand how music is constructed.
"Forte"; Based on "My First Piano Adventure" by Leonard and others

Written for the more mature members of this age group, it offers 3 Levels – Pre-reading, Line-reading, and Skip-reading.  This program develops beginning keyboard skills with rhythm games, technique activities, and ear/eye training. Students learn rhythm, elementary music theory, and variety of songs.


  • "Allegro" 3-4 y.o. (max 6 students)                        $180  1st session (12 lessons)
  • "Cantabile" 4-5 y.o. (4 students)                             $240  1st session (12 lessons)
  • "Forte" 5-6 y.o. (4 students)                                    $240  1st session (12 lessons)

There are no makeup classes for group lessons in each session.

There are no refunds for missed group classes.

  • Shared  lessons                                           (2 students), 30 min    Monthly rate: $110

(2 students), 45 min    Monthly rate: $130

(3 students), 45 min    Monthly rate: $110

Learning materials                    up to $20

Two make-up lessons per teaching semester are permitted for Shared classes.

(Fall: September to January, Spring: February to June).

  • Registration fee                                                                                             $25

We hope to inspire a passion for music in every child!